Bad Advice, Part 3

Image by <a href="">Tú Anh</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>Ann Gynn over at Content Marketing Institute put together a collection of 38 Experts [Sharing] the Worst Content Marketing Advice. I’m taking a few days to explain to non-markets why the advice is bad (and it really is).

Treat content like ads

Content marketing can be measured the same as advertising. It can be measured, but not in the same way as advertising. Just like you don’t measure sprints and marathons the same way, you have to consider that content marketing is the long game and has longer lasting effect. – A. Lee Judge, co-founder and chief marketing officer, Content Monsta

The key phrase in that statement is “long game”.  Too many businesses want immediate results; “I want to see sales increase by the end of the week!”  Marketing is about building a rapport.  It comes from active and real engagement with your customers, and ground-up development of a solid reputation.  That can’t be done by turning all your content into quick advertisement.

Marketing is a courtship, not a one-night stand.


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