Change Log

Day One was purchased on 2018-06-29.  It went live the first week of July. Marketing is not some magic spell which suddenly makes you successful if you follow the checklist and hand over the money to someone claiming to be an expert.  To help people understand that (and stop wasting their money), I’m going to share all the decisions and changes I make in my first year of business.  In computing, this is known as a “change log”–a list of all the changes that have been made.

For the purposes of this exercise. “Day One” shall be 2018-07-06.

Change Log


Where it all started

Original photo that started the design of Redleaf Consulting


Tweak in the logo

The “Consulting” part of the logo was too strong–overpowering.  I swapped out the font with a much thinner (and more modern) one.  This keeps the attention on the company name rather than the description.  It also moves the “weight” to the top, which gives it a “upward flow”.

Redleaf Consulting Logo
Version 1
Redleaf Consulting logo v2
Version 2


Tweak the name

Somewhere along the line I decided the name is “Redleaf” rather than “Red Leaf”.  Part of the decision was based on the graphics of the logo (I didn’t like the space and the 2nd capital letter), and part on the verbal parsing (“RED (pause) LEAF” vs. “REDleaf”).  The second just rolls off the tongue better.


Behind the scenes SEO stuff.

You know all that stuff you tell your clients to do, but somehow don’t get around to doing yourself?  Yeah… I’m trying not to do that.


Adding and updating consultants.

Over the past several days, I’ve updated the profiles for two of our consultants (Rosa and Angel), and added a new consultant (Cicely).

Tweaking the name

The long version of the name has been changed to “The Redleaf Consulting Group” (added “group”).  The logo and short names remain the same. This is a purely stylistic choice.


Added contact info

WeChat QR codes, LinkedIn accounts, and some other contact information has been added to several of the Consultant profiles.


The site has added the PolyLang plugin (we run WordPress). This means that (once we translate pages) the site will be available in several languages. Pages which are presented in languages other than English will be translated or written/edited by our own members.

Page Changes

I added a new page for Marketing Plans, and linked it from the home page.  The existing marketing pages have been moved under this one.


Updated the Case Studies page, adding two new clients.