Cicely Peng

Cicely Peng is the founder and “mother” of the Cicely Language Center in Taicang, Jiangsu. Where other language schools focus on teaching the basics of English to children, CLC tackles a more complex project: teaching working-class Chinese how to interact in a global marketplace. Language is only the first step. CLC works on full cross-cultural communication and understanding. With over 10 years in business, Cicely has worked with hundreds of companies to build a stronger east-west understanding.

Cicely is an accomplished businesswoman in her own right. She gained her MA from Beijing Normal University, and her MBA from Shang Jiotong University. She spent 5 years working in foreign companies before starting her own, very successful, business.

In addition to her 25 years of teaching, she is also an accredited interpreter–including being Bill Gates’ personal interpreter during one of his visits to China.

More than anything, however, Cicely is understanding. It shows in her style of teaching, in her way of doing business, and in her dedication to improving the educational opportunities for poor students in the west of China.

Cicely Peng; Founder & Owner of Cicely Language Center
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