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With permission to access your accounts, I'll dig deep and give you detailed feedback on your entire online presence, and how to improve it.

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Promoting  Lodi

If you’re a business in Lodi who’s looking to expand, improve, or streamline your marketing, I can help.  I provide a special suite of services tailored specifically to local businesses.  I’m offering global marketing experience at local marketing prices.

And I’ll do that without talking down to you or throwing a lot of jargon at you.


Paying It Back | Paying it Forward

Lodi is where I grew up, and Lodi is where I’ll finish out my days.  I believe in small towns and I believe in small businesses.  They are the heart and history of America. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use latest tech and techniques to leap ahead.

I love Lodi, and I have the skills to help it move forward. The more business in Lodi improves, the better things are for everyone–including me.

Main Street Merchants

If you’re the owner of a retail business on or near downtown Main St., ask about the Main Street Lodi project. Members get shared promotion, and a 10% discount on most services.

Contact me for more info.

Blaze Miskulin at Tingling Park in Kunshan, China

A Lodian Who’s Seen the World

I’m Blaze Miskulin, the man behind the Redleaf Consulting Group.

If you’ve read other pages on this site, and are thinking that all this talk of “global markets” doesn’t apply to you, don’t worry. I’m a Lodian, and I understand our local businesses.

I grew up eating lunch meat from the Locker Market, getting treated to caramel donuts from Weber’s, and drooling over the bulk candy at the dime store.

I’ve also worked in international companies, traveled most of the United States, lived in China for 6 years, and visited 12 countries.  I’m bringing all that experience back to Lodi to work for you.

(The hat in the photo was left after a roommate moved out.)