Right as Rain

One of the things I do with Redleaf is classes and workshops in cross-cultural communication and cross-cultural understanding.

Several days ago, we had some seasonal showers. I took a photo and posted it to my WeChat moments with a comment about the phrase “right as rain”.

Chinese colleagues responded back with “Yes, that’s like our saying”. They gave me the Chinese idioms, but neither of the two seem to have the same meaning (based on my Chinese translation app).

This is the trap of the “Digital Generation”: The young, inexperienced, and untraveled often believe that Wikipedia and Google Translate are all they need to do well in the global market.

I lived in China for 6 years. I will never claim to be an “expert” on China. I won’t claim to fully understand China.

The whole point of the Redleaf Consulting Group is to bring together people who are experts and who do understand different cultures–as only a native can.

This post first appeared on G+ 2018-08-26

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