Marketing Approach

Marketing Services


You’re in control, but we’ll offer advice and assistance.  This includes teaching you the jargon, instructing you in  “best practices”, setting up analytics software where available, and being available to answer questions and offer advice.


We’re partners in advancing your marketing.  We’ll give you the best options and explain why—but leave the final choices to you.  We’ll put you in touch with media outlets, help negotiate ad buys, and develop the advertising for you—either in-house or in conjunction with professional media studios.

Marketing Department

We work together to set budgets, goals, and engagement.   But you step back and let us do the work for you, as we feel is appropriate.

At this level, we take on the role of a department head or VP (depending on your corporate structure).  We are involved with budget negotiations.  We have the authority to hire and fire (within your budget and structure).  And we will be brutally honest about the marketing and PR decisions we make.

Market Reach


Regional services focus on your home state and those nearby.  We put primary focus on your local area, secondary focus on large cities in the region, and then on the overall region.  At higher levels, advertising campaigns can be targeted at specific zip codes.


National marketing covers the entire United States.  Some parts of the marketing campaigns will be designed for the entire country, while others will be targeted by region, state, or zip code.  For Multi-Stream packages, we will work with consultants and media outlets across the country to assure that our marketing has a “local feel” in every region.


Global marketing will utilize native-speakers and local experts from around the world to assure that your message resonates with the target market.  Campaigns will be targeted by language, cultural market (e.g., European Union, Latin America, South-East Asia, etc.), and/or specific country.  All marketing will be vetted through local consultants to avoid any cultural mistakes or misunderstandings.

Media Streams


We take on your social media presence. At the basic level, this involves helping you to select the social media platforms that are appropriate for your business, guiding your posting habits, posting on your behalf, and advising you of trends which may be of value to you. At higher levels, we will provide Social Media Specialists to maintain your social media accounts and engage your audience.

We will provide you with a monthly report of your social media statistics to help you understand how your efforts are building a customer base.

Full Digital

 In addition to everything included in the Social Media package, the Full Digital package includes Google AdWords (and Baidu PPC in China if appropriate), digital advertising (such as banner ads) on selected websites, article writing (blogging), YouTube (and Youku Tudou in China, if appropriate), and honest SEO advice.

We will manage your AdWords (and Baidu PPC) accounts and campaigns to bring in customers who are actually interested in buying. A lot of views and a lot of clicks are okay, but they’re a waste of money if nobody is actually buying.

We will also work with you to place quality digital advertising on appropriate websites. Our experience with digital marketing—along with your expertise in your field—will allow us to find the best sites to display your advertising.


Multi-stream marketing encompasses both digital streams and traditional advertising—direct mail, print, radio, television, and outdoor (billboards).

When we look at multi-stream marketing, we don’t just throw money at everything. It’s not about “more money”, it’s about “smart money”. If you’re interested in a multi-stream marketing package, we’ll look at your budget, your target market, the demographics, and who’s offering the best deals.

We will not advertise your business on all available streams. What we’ll do is find the paid streams that best fit your target market. Then we’ll seek out the best “bang for your buck” —but we’ll base this on long-term relationships and an honest interest in doing what’s best for you. There are thousands of advertising companies offering “amazing deals”. There are only a handful that actually care enough to get involved in helping you to build your business, and be honest about how they’ll do it.

We know those companies. We know who to trust, who to avoid, and how to tell the difference.

Full Presence

Everything listed above, plus POP materials, planning and implementation for trade shows and special events, and active representation at live events.

Ordering  “Off-Menu”

Not everyone needs on-going assistance.  We also offer a list of “ala carte” services.

  • Setting up a website with CMS
  • Introduction to blogging
  • Introduction to social media
  • Understanding “web-stats”
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • Introduction to print media
  • Introduction to broadcast media
  • Understanding your target market
  • Trade show and event planning
  • Trade show and event set-up
  • Trade show and event presence