Creating a Marketing Plan

Don’t Pay More; Spend Smarter

Before you open your wallet, take some time to plan out where the money is going to go.    Spending more money is not always the best solution.  In fact, it rarely is.  You want to put your money where it will work the hardest and do the most good. Properly targeted, your advertising dollars can do far more than they currently are.   You may even get better results with less money.

Making a Plan

We’ll sit down together and lay out long-term goals and mid-term campaigns.  We’ll look at regional demographics, and the make-up of your customer base.  From there, we can create a plan to target the right people with the right message.

Building a Toolbox

Once we know where you want to go and how to tell people about it, we’ll start to collect the tools that will make it happen.  This might be as simple as a new Twitter account, or as powerful as a Customer Relations Management system (CRM).  No matter what tools we choose, they’ll be the right ones for your business, and your way of running it.

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Do You Know Your Customers?

61.1% - Residents of employment age
74.6% - Own the house they live in
2.4 - Number of people per househol
92.8% - Have a HS diploma
22.7% - have a college degree