Full Digital Audit

Your Code Is Who You Are

Your digital footprint defines who you–and your business–are.  Getting it right can be tricky.  Getting it wrong is far too easy.  A full Digital Audit looks at every place you appear online and digs deep into what’s behind it.

A few of the places we’ll dig into:

  • Website:  Is it SEO friendly?  Is it mobile friendly?  How fast does it load? Is it accessible to people with screen readers or other special requirements? Is it safe?
  • Social Media:  What’s your history?  What are your stats?  Are you using it properly?  Is there something “dangerous” in your history or your feed?
  • Security:  Are you blacklisted? Are you infected?
  • Reputation: What are others saying about you online?  What are your reviews like? (Did you know you’ve been reviewed?)
  • Advertising:  Are you getting the most out of your online advertising?  How can you improve it?  What are you doing wrong?
  • Missed Opportunities:  What aren’t you doing that you should be?

An “audit” sounds scary–but don’t worry:  I’m not the IRS.  My job is just to help you use the tools available to you to build and maintain a great online reputation.

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Trust is Required

A Full Digital Audit requires that you entrust me with the keys to your online accounts. I know how scary that sounds.

If you're not comfortable allowing me access to your accounts, we can discuss a "Chaperoned Audit". I will dig into any publicly-available data on my own, and will sit down with you in person to review any accounts that require logins--you keep all the passwords secret from me.

Chaperoned Audits are billed per-hour.