You Suck; Hire Me

Let Me Be Blunt

Today I posted the first article in a new category.  The category is called “You suck; Hire me“.  This is something I’ve toyed around with in the past, but never really brought out in full form.

The concept is simple:  I come from a region that values blunt (often brutal) honesty.  Too often, people pussy-foot around the truth because they’re afraid of giving offense.  If you’re a company who wants to improve your market, your product, your staff, or your procedures, you don’t want to waste your resources on being offended.  You want to hear the blunt truth so you can take action to fix things.

More Than a Tag

“You suck; Hire me” is not only a new blog category.  It’s also a new service being offered by our Wisconsin office.  You can hire us to review your marketing, internal procedures & documentation, products & services, or anything else (like job postings).  You’ll get a no-holds-barred, blunt and brutal review (oh… and suggestions on how to fix things).


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