Who  is Redleaf Consulting?

Redleaf Consulting is not a company.  It’s a network of professionals who are offering their services and experience to companies who are looking for assistance in the world of business.  Each consultant has their own areas of expertise, and cultural knowledge.

Redleaf was founded by Blaze Miskulin in order to share what he–and his colleagues–have learned in their decades of work in the business world.  Blaze got his first job at 15, and worked his way up from a dishwasher in a local restaurant to the Marketing Director for an international manufacturing firm.

The consultants working with Redleaf are colleagues and business associates who have earned the respect of Mr. Miskulin, and who believe that sharing knowledge is vital to our growing global economy.

Why Redleaf?

Mr. Miskulin’s small Wisconsin home is shaded by the leaves of a red maple tree.  The care and effort required to make that tree grow strong without choking itself off is a perfect metaphor for the efforts required in business.

It also makes for a nice logo.

The tree that inspired Redleaf Consulting's name