Clients & Case Studies

These are a few examples of what our members have done for their clients.  They’re meant to show the range of our clients, our consultants, and the solutions we can provide.

Redleaf Consulting is made up of professionals with long histories in this industry.  We believe that our strength comes from those histories.  So many of the examples below may reflect the accomplishments of member consultants before they joined the Redleaf Consulting Group.

AMP Jewelry

AMP Jewelry is a small store based out of Traverse City, MI. They specialize in fordite jewelry.   The came to Redleaf as a business with experience at art shows, but new to e-commerce.  

We worked with Amanda and Paul (the owner and webmaster) to outline basic “best practices” for online presentation, targeting new markets, and content guidelines.

Main Street Market

Main Street Market (Lodi) Logo

While the Main Street Market branding of the Lodi, Wisconsin Piggly Wiggly is new, the business–and the family ownership–has been around for decades.  Since the establishment of the business, however, the demographics of Lodi–and the surrounding county–have shifted significantly.

Main Street Market has a firm understanding of how to market to the older demographics in the area, and has a good foundation in their online marketing.  We discussed simple “no-cost” efforts that they could make to expande their marketing and branding to a younger generation which is more tech-savvy, less skilled in the kitchen, living in smaller households, and more interested in the nutritional and ethical details of food products than the price.

Chicago Sales Strategies is a newly-formed company doing outsourced sales management. Owner, Rick Struzynski, came to our attention through mutual contacts in China (word-of-mouth is still the best marketing tool).

Rick has been doing sales and sales management for over 20 years.  He understands, however, that sales and marketing, while related, are separate skill sets.  Together, we’re building his web presense from the ground up.  This includes not only his website (launching January 2019), but full integration with Google’s suite of tools.

Lodi-It's Only Natural logo

Lodi — It’s Only Natural (@LodiNatural) is a grassroots organization created to promote community engagement, economic development, and conservation through an ecological lens.

Redleaf Consulting was called in to help the group focus their initial launch efforts and provide feedback on how to proceed and what to expect.  Lodi Natural is still building to their launch date at the end of January, but is working on slowly building awareness and branding through word-of-mouth and direct contact scenarios.


The Lodi Valley Chronicle is a special project–it’s owned and operated by Redleaf Consulting.

Our hometown of Lodi, Wisconsin was in need of a truly local paper after the existing one was purchased by a media company and combined with another city.  Redleaf stepped up and accepted the role.  The newspaper serves the local community as well as providing a very local-focused advertising base for area businesses.