Bad Advice, Part 2

Image by <a href="">ashish choudhary</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>Ann Gynn over at Content Marketing Institute put together a collection of 38 Experts [Sharing] the Worst Content Marketing Advice. I’m taking a few days to explain to non-markets why the advice is bad (and it really is).

Sell, sell, sell

Nothing raises my hackles like overtly sales-focused advertising positioned as content marketing. I know sales are often the end goal, but content marketing should employ a light touch and soft sell — if there’s any attempt to sell at all. – Amanda Changuris, manager, social media marketing, AAA – The Auto Club Group

This is often difficult to explain to business owners who don’t understand that marketing and sales are closely tied, but not the same thing.  Marketing exists to bring people to the sales team.  This is done through the Four Cornerstones of RHO: Identify, Inform, Educate, Engage.

People don’t like “being sold to”. Your marketing campaign shouldn’t be a series of advertisements, but a coordinated plan to educate and engage your audience, while showing them why your product is the one they want.  Marketing should partner with Customer Service to build a rapport with your clients–both existing and potential.


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