Angel Morales-Lira


Angel comes to us from Mexico via China–where he gained his experience working for a Portuguese and an American at a German manufacturing company.  

Though one of the younger members  of our network, Angel’s language skills and cultural understanding makes him one of the most flexible and adaptable consultants on our roster.  His connection with the younger, culturally-diverse demographics provide the opportunity to engage markets you may not have previously considered.

If you’re an American or Canadian business looking to take advantage of NAFTA in Mexico–or a Mexican company who wants to bring in customers from the United States or Canada–Angel  is the one to talk to.  The same is true if you’re looking to connect China to Central or South America–or vice versa.


Angel Morales Lira
Mexico Mexico
Spanish (MX)
English (Fluent)
Chinese (Advanced)
Mexico (native)
South America (familiar)
China (familiar)