Free 23 Digital Review

Free 23 is a quick 23-point check of your online business presence. We look at your website, your social media accounts, how you appear in web searches, your online advertising, and how you’re doing with online reviews.  The information we provide is basic, simply ranked (Good, Needs Work, Harmful, Not Applicable), and open to interpretation.

Free 23 is meant to be a tool to help you understand how potential customers may react to your online presence, and to give you a few pointers on where and how to improve. It’s a professional opinion, not absolute fact; but we hope you’ll trust our skills and experience enough to seriously consider what we’re saying.

And yes:  We’re offering this in the hopes that you’ll hire us to help you improve the areas that need improving.  So feel free to take everything we say with a grain of salt.

    To help me see how well you place in Google searches, please list 10 "keywords" that you think people will use to find you online. For example: "Quilting" or "Fish fry" or "Tax preparation".