Cornerstones of RHO: Part 2, Inform

This week on the Cornerstones of RHO, Special Guest Star…

No. Wait. That’s not right–but it is a (mildly humorous) example of what it means to “inform” your customers. Information–which is not to be confused with “education”; the next topic)–is the presentation of factual information about your products or services.

And… that sounds really boring. It doesn’t have to be, though. “Information” includes the “quick facts” that catch people’s attention. You might want to label your products as “locally sourced” or “wholly organic”. It might benefit your customers to know that your gizmo is “water-proof to 30M” or that it has a “27-day battery life”. And it’s worth mentioning that you’re “ABC-Certified”, “XYZ Licensed”, and have been in business since 1783.

“Information” is the sort of thing that allows customers to quickly learn about the features of your product, or do side-by-side comparisons.

Catching the attention of your customers is the first step to educating and engaging them (which we’ll talk about later).

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