Look Before You Leap

Expanding into the international or global marketplace can be intimidating.  And, in a way, it should be.  It’s very simple to make a big mistake and harm your company’s good name.  A few hours of introduction can go a long way towards helping a young business understand the difficulties they may face in entering a new marketplace and a new culture.

We offer both cultural introductions, and on-going cross-cultural marketing.  Services include digital and print translations, social media posting targeting non-English speakers, multi-language websites, and foreign-language-targeted AdWords campaigns.

Learn From Us

Redleaf has consultants from around the world who are available to work with you–either in person or via video conference.  They are able to guide you through entering the markets of the different cultures in which they were raised, or in which they’ve done business.

Sometimes it’s better to have a local view, and sometimes that of a visitor who’s had to learn things the hard way.  We have both.

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Lingua Franca

Redleaf natively speaks English (US), English (UK), Spanish (MX), German (DE), and Mandarin Chinese (CN). We retain freelancers who are native or fluent in Arabic, Dutch, and Russian. And we have the resources to bring in native speakers of almost any language in the world.