BoardMeasurementsBoard Feet$/BFList PriceAsking Price
A15½ x 9410.11815$151.77$150
B21½ x 7310.89920$217.98$200
C15 x 949.79212$117.50$100
D19 x 9612.66615$189.99$175
E12¾ x 17415.46612$185.59$175
F16 x 17419.33315$290.00$280
G17 x 8810.38815$155.82$180
H17¾ x 8510.47715$157.16$150
J18 x 8710.87515$163.13$150
K18 x 8610.75015$161.25$155
L9½ x 624.09010$40.90$40
M9½ x 1117.32310$73.23$70
Buy it all$1750


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