By its very nature, Redleaf Consulting is quite flexible in terms of the services it can provide. “We can do everything”, however, makes it difficult for our clients–you–to understand how we can help.

The Basics

Our standard service packages fall into three categories: Business Setup, Marketing & Public Relations, and Cross-Cultural Communication.  For more detailed descriptions of what these entail, read the blurbs to the right, or view the full pages.

The three basic categories each have rate cards describing the cost of the specific services which fall under their umbrella.

Special Services

If you’re in need of assistance that isn’t listed in the Basic categories, contact us and ask.  We are able to provide a long list of custom and specialty services that don’t fit under the Basics.

Rates for Special Services are negotiated directly with the consultants.

Business Setup

Running a business is more than just doing business. It's the day-to-day procedures and habits that can make or break efficiency. We'll help you tackle the details, so you have more time to conduct business.

Marketing & PR

You can't do business if nobody knows you exist. Knowing how to market yourself and your business can seem daunting, and everyone wants a piece of your budget. We will help you to understand your market, and where to invest your resources.

Culture & Communication

Joining the global market--by entering a new culture, or inviting them into your business--can be a tricky proposition, filled with potential mistakes. We can help you navigate that entry through personal experience.